The greatest state in the world deserves beer brewed by those who share their intrepid Texas values. Running Walker tracks unexplored tastes for pioneers willing to risk everything in pursuit of their dreams. It’s time to draw a line in the sand for beer drinkers all over the world. Join the Republic of Beer.

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Our brewing philosophy is based upon seeking perfection. By utilizing top of the line malts and hops, our team is dedicated to providing the most exceptional hand-crafted beer you will ever experience. Our German-trained and accredited Brewmaster, with more than 20 years of brewing experience, and our entire team of expert brewers are dedicated to providing you a most incredible beer experience.

We select the finest domestic and imported ingredients available, and blend the crushed malt with water, resulting in what is known as mash. After mashing, the wort is separated from the husk and brought to a boil before we introduce hand-selected hops to the process. Finally, we chill our unique Texas brew and let specially selected yeast indulge in the malt sugars, thus creating a masterfully-designed style of beer.

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Intelligence, resolve, and remarkable hunting instincts make the Running Walker hound a magnificent breed that purely reflects the caliber of our Texas crafted beer.

Known for their strong worth ethic and deep devotion, Running Walkers differ from other hounds in that they remain steadfast when ground tracking, and are never distracted. An energetic and competitive breed, the Running Walker has a tail that is never tucked in retreat or fear, and boasts a style that displays pride. When faced with a threat, they dig in their heels and fight, challenging their rivals to “Come and Take It.”

For decades, brewery founder Joe Braman has expertly raised and trained scores of Running Walker hounds on his family ranch in Refugio, Texas. While these hounds are well known for hunting bobcats and defending against coyotes in Texas, Joe’s blue ribbon trackers have gained international attention for both the conservation effort for the jaguars of Southern Mexico, and the reduction of the black rhino poaching epidemic in South Africa.

At Braman Brewery, we believe that such loyalty, courage, and tenacity should be the driving forces behind everything we do. For Joe Braman, this is exemplified in a part of his family as close to him as his own. A Running Walker is the perfect companion for your Texas story.


Most people would be content living out a family legacy steeped in Texas ranching, real estate, and oil. Joe Braman isn’t most people. A true Texas cowboy – champion team roper, an avid outdoorsman, conservationist – Joe’s life has been filled with charting new ground. A passion for cooking noticed and nurtured by his grandmother, Mary O’Connor Braman, led Joe to culinary school and his exceptional skill for pairing wine with food. So it was a natural step to take those same talents and apply them to use the best ingredients to create the best beer possible. Braman Brewery was born to carve out a new legacy – one for Joe to pass on to his family, and to share with beer lovers everywhere.

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