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Joe Braman’s Texas Hounds Help K-9 Unit Win Prestigious Kudu Award in South Africa

Congratulations to the Southern African Wildlife College’s K-9 Unit in being awarded the prestigious Kudu Award last week. In 2018, the K-9 Unit added 20 free-running pack hounds, trained by Joe Braman in Refugio, Texas and sent to South Africa specifically to help aid in tracking and apprehension of rhino poachers. This game-changing Texas-solution is helping to save the rhino population for future generations!        

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Refugio Dogs Lead Hunt for Rhino Poachers in South Africa

Braman Brands owner, Rancher, Houndsman and Philanthropist, Joe Braman, was recently interviewed about his tireless work training dogs to hunt poachers in an effort to help preserve the rhino population in South Africa. ”A Texas born solution helping conservation overseas.” View The Full Article Here

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Saving Endangered Rhinos From Extinction

Rhino horn has become the most valuable commodity known to man. Sold on the Asian market, this trade has pushed rhinos very close to extinction.  In 2017, Joe Braman traveled to South Africa to see for himself what was really happening to the Rhinos and HOW HE COULD HELP by using free running pack hounds to follow and arrest poachers.  Joe was horrified by what he saw, and after a month in Africa he returned to Texas and got to work training what he felt would be an exceptional solution.  African trainers visited Joe in Texas, and as they witnessed his methods of training as his Texas-born hounds started to mature, it also started to change the way the teams operate in Africa. The hounds in South Africa are having unprecedented success, and within the next month, the first set of 20 Texas dogs will be headed to Africa to expand and continue this incredible solution, the likes of which has never been equaled. Joe remains fully committed to the conservation of the Rhinos in Africa, and we [...]

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